Spatial Masterplan

The Spatial Masterplan is our map of what-goes-where-and-when, an integral part of the execution of Plan 35. The Masterplan was devised in conjunction with Singapore–based urban design consultants Surbana, and launched in 2006. It was broadened to include the entire Rustenburg Local Municipality in 2016. It set a completion date by 2050.

As an enabling platform, the plan proposes the layout of amenities, which would contribute to an environment in which people live with dignity and have access to facilities – health, education, recreation and employment – thus enabling them to maximize their abilities and talents.

The Masterplan is based on a detailed assessment of the opportunities offered and constraints imposed by the 1 200km² of the land owned and controlled by the Royal Bafokeng. The plan takes into account the contingency of the population on RBN land more than quadrupling and aims to create an environment conducive to reduce dependency on mining for economic growth.

Mine boundaries, State and privately–owned land are recognised as possible developmental constraints, but the proximity of Rustenburg to Bafokeng land opens up the potential for the development of a ‘business corridor’ linking the former with the latter. A major road, which traverses a portion of RBN land, is seen as an axis for the development of tourism activities between Sun City and the Pilanesberg National Park in the north and historic and scenic sites in the south.

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