Project spotlight

Capacity building of non-governmental organisations and community-based organisations in the RBN
Project manager: Patience Sikwane
Community‐Based Organisations (CBO`s) in the RBN have, for a long time now, played a critical role in the community; providing services that are aimed at addressing challenges faced by the underprivileged. However, a skills audit, conducted by Greater Good South Africa, indicated that these organisations generally lack the necessary skills to run effectively, efficiently and sustainably.

Specifically, the skills audit reported the need to train and support these organisations in order to develop their institutional capacity as well as the necessary programmatic skills required to facilitate effective service provision. The report continued that all organisations ought to be provided with basic training in financial management, project management and basic business skills.

In response to this need, as identified through the skills audit, the “Capacity building of nongovernmental organisations (NGO’s) and Community Based Organisations in the RBN” project was initiated.

Twenty eight NGOs and CBOs were identified from all five regions in the RBN. From these organisations, 84 delegates were chosen and divided into four groups for each training workshop. The workshops are planned to take place over a period of 18 months. Introduction to Community Based Organisation Management, Development of Project Plans and Compilation of One Year Operational Plan, Financial Planning for Projects and Developing a Marketing Plan are some, amongst others, of the modules that are going to be presented. The project manager is currently challenged by nonattendance of some of the selected candidates, and some of the organisations are not yet fully committed to this initiative. In response to this challenge, the project team decided that defaulting delegates would be replaced by other delegates from the same organisations.

The project is currently in its 8th month. By the end of the third year, all 84 delegates should be able to transfer the skills they attained to their respective organisations by implementing what they’ve learnt. The project’s ultimate goal is that the NGOs and CBOs will become more sustainable and operate more efficiently and effectively by 2014.
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