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The Royal Bafokeng's story has been modest and underplayed, but has found outside interest increasing exponentially of late. Yet, beyond the accidental discovery on its land of the world's largest deposits of platinum group metals, and how the Royal Bafokeng Nation has wisely invested its mining royalties for the benefit of the community, the dramatic history of the Royal Bafokeng Nation and its extraordinary heritage is little known.

Today, several initiatives are underway to bring to life this rich heritage. Not surprisingly, they are closely linked with the development of a new business: tourism, more specifically, the growing business of cultural and heritage tourism.

Aside from their own heritage, the Bafokeng have two distinct advantages in their bid to grow tourism. The first is that their land is close to two world class destinations. The Sun City and Lost City gaming and golf resort, and Pilanesberg National Park attract large numbers of South African and foreign tourists to the area. By developing their own complementary attractions, the Bafokeng hope to add value to the experience of these tourists and to entice them to spend time in their area.

The second is that the staging of provincial, national and even international events at the Royal Bafokeng Sports Palace attracts other visitors. However, they do not stay over in the Bafokeng area for the duration of events because of a lack of accommodation. Development of lodges and bed and breakfast establishments is therefore becoming important as the Bafokeng strive to develop a local tourism industry.

For its part, the Royal Bafokeng Economic Development, formerly Royal Bafokeng Economic Board (RBEB) is already sending young people for training in the hospitality industry in the hope that many of them will return and play a role in developing tourism in the Bafokeng area. RBED also envisages the establishment of a cultural village to bring to life Bafokeng customs and traditions.

Meanwhile, a group of young people, with encouragement from the Royal Bafokeng Administration's youth development department, is already pioneering the development of a heritage trail covering key historical landmarks in the area.
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