Royal history

The Bafokeng people trace their history back to the year 1140. Kgosi (King) Sekete III, who ruled in the early 1700s, was the first in the line of kings, of which the current Kgosi Leruo Molotlegi is the 15th direct descendant. Sekete III was followed by kings Diale, Ramorwa, Sekete IV, and Thethe. Then came arguably the most influential king in Bafokeng history: Kgosi August Mokgatle, who reigned from 1834 to 1891. Pooling community resources, he started buying land the Bafokeng had occupied for centuries. Mokgatle died 33 years before the world's largest deposits of platinum group metals were discovered under Bafokeng land. But his actions enabled his people to lease their mineral rights and eventually to claim royalties, which have been invested to establish a competent administration, civil service and infrastructure.

Today, Kgosi Leruo Molotlegi is the monarch. He is the 36th King of the Bafokeng and the 15th direct descendent of the lineage of the Bafokeng kings.
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