The Royal Bafokeng Development Trust represents our Nation to the outside world. It is both the agent providing guidance of how our funds should be distributed to fund the socioeconomic objectives of the nation, as well as the sole shareholder of Royal Bafokeng Holdings, and is thus mandated to take care of the commercial imperatives of the nation.

The RBNDT is composed as follows

Kgosi (Chairman)
1 Representative of Dikgosana
1 Representative of Traditional Council
4 Kgosi appointees
5 Members elected from the RBN

The present CEO of the RBNDT is Rre Obakeng Phetwe. A chartered accountant, he completed his articles with PricewaterhouseCoopers Inc. He previously held the positions of group treasury and business manager for the RBN; finance manager for the RBA; and senior audit manager at Mokua and Associates, Chartered Accountants.

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