Office of the King

A profile of our Leader

Kgosi Leruo Molotlegi is the 15th member of the Molotlegi dynasty, and the 35th monarch of the Royal Bafokeng Nation. He is responsible for the formalisation of the Bafokeng’s Vision, for the creation of Plan 35 (our development plan), and for the compilation of the Spatial Masterplan of the Rustenburg Local Municipality, which includes most of the RBN’s land.

Under the leadership of Kgosi Leruo, the Royal Bafokeng Supreme Council has embarked on a mission of ensuring that the basic human needs of the Bafokeng Community are satisfied, and that our system of governance promote justice and advances our journey towards economic well-being.

Kgosi Leruo chairs the Bafokeng Supreme Council, Kgothakgote, and nominates chairs to the board of Royal Bafokeng Holding and the Royal Bafokeng Institute. He is a former member of the Implats board and is a non-executive director of Royal Bafokeng Resources. Kgosi is also the President of the Mineral Rights Association of Indigenous People of South Africa and was one a significant negotiators in the “new” (2012) mining legislation, seeking to advance black participation in the sector.

Kgosi Molotlegi is an alumnus of Hilton College in Natal, South Africa. He holds a university degree in Architecture and Urban Planning from Natal University.

He is a keen sportsman and was awarded a Victor Ludorum Gold Medallion at Hilton College. He is also a fixed wing and rotorcraft pilot and is an Honorary Colonel in the South African Air Force.

Kgosi has three siblings; two sisters and one brother. His mother Memogolo (our respectful name for the Queen Mother) Semane Molotlegi is an active member of the Bafokeng Women’s Society, and has played a major role in the Nation’s health and social development.

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