Documenting the Bafokeng Way: Providing the basis for a Comprehensive Regulatory Framework, Policies and Procedures for the Royal Bafokeng Nation

RBN Governance has taken the initiative to conduct a baseline study of all existing customs, laws, rules and procedures pertaining to governance in the RBN. The Democracy, Governance and Service Delivery (DGSD) Research Programme of the Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC) has been commissioned by the RBN Research and Knowledge Management Department to carry out the research. The aim of the study is to document and preserve Bafokeng laws, customs, values and principles in ways which can guide future generations. This includes looking at both traditional and corporate institutions within the RBN to understand how they work and how they relate to each other. Governance will use the findings of the study to develop a comprehensive regulatory framework, policies and procedures for all institutions within the Royal Bafokeng Nation which are coherent, consistent and uniquely and authentically Bafokeng.

The institutions which will be documented in the study include the Pitso ya Kgothakgothe, the Supreme Council, the Traditional Council, the traditional court, makgotla, and dikgosana, as well as the Central and Regional Administrations and all corporate RBN Institutions such as RBH. The research team will draw on the knowledge of all stakeholders in these institutions, including their leaders and the wider RBN community, and all social levels of the RBN will be consulted in a feedback process about the accuracy of the findings.

Questions that will be addressed by the research are: Who are we as Bafokeng? What is ‘the Bafokeng way’? How valid are current customs in our understanding of traditional or customary laws and practices? What is new in comparison to what is understood as rooted in the past? Where are points of contestation, e.g. with regard to gender and generation gap? How do governance regulations for Royal Bafokeng Institutions relate to customary law? How do traditional institutions communicate with corporate ones?

The study will be conducted between Nov 2012 and Nov 2014 through desk studies, interviews of key informants and focus group meetings. A HeadCom consisting of Bafokeng leaders chaired by Kgosi Leruo Tshekedi Molotlegi will provide oversight of the project. The research team consists of researchers from the HSRC and the RBN Research and Knowledge Management Department.

More information can be obtained from:
Dr Moleboheng Mohapi, Research Manager, Research and Knowledge Management Department, RBA; Tel: (+27) 14 566 1451; Mobile: (+27) 735430142; Fax: +27 14 566 1303; moleboheng [dot] mohapi [at] bafokeng [dot] com
Dr Gerard Hagg, Project Manager, HSRC; Tel. 012 302 2626; Mobile: 082 5606209; ghagg [at] hsrc [dot] ac [dot] za.

Posted on April 18, 2013
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