• Lebone II seeks to be a leader in education in South Africa. To that end, we need you to join us, partner with us, challenge us, compete with us, but above all else, share with us in the belief that there is hope for education in South Africa, and that ordinary people like us, in ordinary places like Phokeng, can and must make a difference.

  • We are gathered here in this chamber to make a promise to the Royal Bafokeng Nation. We promise to marshal the resources required to reach our targets, to stay on course, even in changing and turbulent times, and to balance our short term needs with our long term interests. This is a solemn occasion in the annual governance cycle of the Royal Bafokeng Nation, and I want to thank you all for making the time to come and to bear witness to the promises we make here today.

  • Welcome to 2010! We have been waiting in anticipation for this moment to arrive for several years now. “2010” has come to represent the first soccer world cup hosted on African soil. “2010” has also come to signify the Bafokeng community’s place in South Africa. The Royal Bafokeng Nation is proudly preparing to host six matches in the upcoming FIFA 2010 World Cup in the only community-owned stadium in the tournament, the Royal Bafokeng Sports Palace...

  • Today is the fourth annual Official Opening of Supreme Council in the Royal Bafokeng Nation. We set aside this day each year to assess, to plan, to analyze events upon our horizons, and to reflect on recent developments in the Bafokeng community. We consider what it means to be a small community with big plans, an enterprising community with a social agenda, a traditional and generational governance system aspiring to cutting edge capabilities within a modern democracy.

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