Sports development

While the Bafokeng may have gained wider currency owing to our successful hosting of six 2010 FIFA World Cup games, our vision and practice of sporting development goes much deeper than a high-profile stadium.

The Royal Bafokeng Nation has a sporting development track from mass youth participation up to the professional level; embodied by our top tier Platinum Stars premiership football team, and the Platinum Leopards premiership rugby team.

Royal Bafokeng Sports presides over a sports development department focussed solely on societal progress through the positive influence of sports.

Local children are trained in athletics, martial arts, netball, rugby and football.

The Samba football project, a junior football initiative launched in 2008, is run in all 29 Bafokeng villages, and has generated 32 junior football clubs to date.

All sporting codes are, at the highest level, administered by hand-picked professionals, including Brazillian football coaches, a former National Netball player, a fifth-dan Karate champion, former North-West rubgy greats and most famously, Owen Da Gama, the celebrated Dinaledi coach.

From this administration, certain individuals are specifically tasked with development - these are in charge of 500 local coaches, who take share these skills and passion with our Bafokeng youth on a daily basis.

While watching Batswana children learning the intricacies of rugby makes for unusual viewing, this broad development falls squarely in line with the 2035 plan. Sporting Development starts with mass participation, where talent in respective codes is identified and advanced to the intermediate levels in the various codes. The really promising athletes are advanced to the National Level Programmes. For those wanting to become professional sportspeople, the likes of the Leopards or the Stars lie and wait in the distance...
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