Royal Bafokeng Graduates and Professionals Colloquium

Welcome to the webpage for the Royal Bafokeng Graduates and Professionals. This page consists of information about the project that aims to realise a goal of shifting RBN from predominately mining community to being an intellectual hub.

RBN held an inaugural colloquium for all Bafokeng professionals and graduates. The event, which took place on Saturday, 20 October 2012 at the Bafokeng Civic Centre, was open to all Bafokeng professionals and graduates living and/or working in the area as well as beyond the Bafokeng borders, hence the attendance by some very prominent professionals who are based in other parts of the country.

Different papers were presented during the Colloquium by heads of departments within the RBN. Please note that all the presentations are available on this page for viewing and download, at no cost. You will also feast your eyes on the beautiful pictures that were taken during the event.

We will keep updating this page with fresh information pertaining to the proposed forums.

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